Video of Flight Over the Nazca Lines with Aerial Views of Geoglyphs

Photo: Nazca Lines Image of Monkey (Mono)

While flying over the Nazca Lines aboard the Aero Paracas plane, I recorded a bit of video with my cell phone, although I mostly used the same phone for taking photos which can be found in this gallery.

The flight consisted of fast swings from one side to another, from tilting sharply to the right to tilting sharply to the left, from moving from one geoglyph to another in order to fit them all into the short flight window, so the opportunities for recording a captivating video were limited at best.

The video contains the take off from the Maria Reiche Neuman Airport with the arid landscape surrounding the city of Nazca, aerial views of a few of the geoglyphs, namely the Astronaut, Monkey, Hummingbird, Spider, Condor, and a whole bunch of energy runways with lesser known images, concluding with the views of the mountains surrounding the geoglyph fields filmed on the return journey back to the airport.

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