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    6 thoughts on “Contact Me”

    1. Hi Mark. I read Ha’s story. I even commented on Ha’s daughter’s picture. Please read it. I’m not sure whether you have any communication with Ha, but I would really like to help her financially. I’m not very rich neither very poor. But have a heart. Please let me know if there is a way that I could send her some money. If I can afford, monthly.

      I have a daughter too…

      Thank you very much.


    2. Hi Mark!
      I’ve recently quit my job and am planning on traveling for a total of 3 months. I know loosely a few places / countries I want to go but I’m at a loss for where to start, how much time to allot, etc. I’ve started to plan the trip around specific sights but I’m not sure if that’s the right way to go. Do you have any words of wisdom and/or resources you can recommend from your trip planning?
      Thanks in advance,

    3. Mark, I read Ha’s story. I also read a comment saying you were goingt o continue it..? I see that it has been 2 years since that post, but I truly would love to read the ending for ha. Like you said, some things do not deserve to be left alone.

    4. Hi Mark

      I found you while researching real estate in Asia. I like your sense of humor. Wondering if I can interview you for my blog about international living and real estate? Original content! 🙂

      Look forward to hearing back.

      Ashley Keeth

    5. Hi Mark

      We would like to rent a motorbike in Pakse for around a week, any idea where we can rent one?


    6. Hi Mark ;
      I read your blog about the dangers of Cambodia recently. A friend sent it to me.
      I am a very seasoned traveller and am currently in Cambodia. I was attacked this week by a hotel owner near Kampot, on my 50th birthday. I have travelled all over the world and even in some renowned risky countries , but I have never had an experience like this before. It was at a hotel that is being advertised by too, needless to say they won’t help and neither will the local police who seek to best friends with the hotel owner.

      I was wondering if you might be interested in drawing attention to what happened somehow. I would truly hate for a traveller who he less experience than me to be exposed to what just happened to me. It would cause huge psychological damage.

      I really hope you write back.

      Kindest regards,

      My what’s app is 447985771611

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