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Yes, I love to travel. There are few things in life that make me feel as alive as when I travel. I have created Traveling Mark dot Com to share my experiences, adventure and feelings evoked by places I have visited. I share both valuable advice and real life practicalities that go beyond those of average travelers. And that’s what makes me and my website different.

How Is Traveling Mark Different?

It is a common cliche for many guides to say that “We Will Take You To The Places Where Regular Guides Don’t Dare To Go” yet I have yet to come by one that really does. I’m not a traveler who gave up his well-tread path of a corporate slave for a life full of cheap, mid-day mojito cocktails somewhere with year-round warm climate. I’m also not a traveler who believes it’s our obligation to always write about foreign cultures, people and their ways of life in a positive light. This forceful, faux-appreciation of everything foreign distorts the reality and does grave disservice to those coming after us. The world is not always pink and that’s the biggest beef I have with other travel bloggers and tourist guides. Traveling Mark is different, because when something is good, I say it is good, but when something is bad, I say it is bad. I do NOT skew the truth on the ground of sounding respectful and politically correct.

My travels are not superficial. Wherever I go, I become part of the culture and society and get to know what they are really like. To me, there is more to travel than sightseeing, socializing with restaurant staff and making friends with locals working stalls at markets who pretend to want to be friends with all foreigners so they can sell them their over-quoted items. And just as my travels, so does my writing go beyond false pretense of interest in struggles faced by the locals.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’ve been on the road to learn how to appreciate the differences that make us all unique. But when I go places, I take a closer look at what this place has to offer, not just how its kitchen, climate and traditions differ from the places I have visited so far. I don’t wear rose-colored sunglasses when I travel and I definitely don’t use any when I write.

In other words – where other bloggers write sweet lies, I write harsh truth. I don’t do it to make myself different from the rest. I do it because in my mind, doing the right thing is more important than being politically correct.

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my travel adventures with you and I’m hoping to hear from you if you have an opinion about anything I have written (or forgot to mention). Do not forget though – along the way, there are always thorns, but if you look above them, you will see roses. Happy travels :o)


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  1. great blog man, i like how you tell it like you see it, a lot you say rings true to me, we need more people like you in this world, i like your non-conformist, honest non herd like coward approach, great job, keep travelin’and sharin’bro

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