More Stolen Laptop Tracking

I made clear plans to continue with my stolen laptop tracking the following day. I met with Domingo and Cesar – guy who knew the girl who may have been the one who stole my laptop and we went to her house again. This time I provided Cesar with a whole pile of instructions on what to do and what to say in any possible situation that could arise. I was gonna stay out of direct contact so the possibility to bribe the suspect remained untouched. Afterall, my primary goal was to get my laptop back, not to launch any form of revenge. Tracking down the thief and offering her payout to get my laptop back which would be higher than what she could get from any pawn shop owner seemed like a smart way to go.

Cesar came back with not very good news. The girl who left for Santo Domingo on Friday last week has still not returned. Last time her family heard from her was when she was leaving. This could mean that she’s still in Santo Domingo shopping for the best offer on her newly acquired laptop or that she’s already sold it and is living it up with the money gained. Luckily, Cesar followed my instruction and got her cell phone number. That was his task to do in case she’s still not there.

Now I had the phone number and gave instructions to Domingo to call her and told him what to say to make it work. Domingo did call, but there was no answer. We have tried to call several times that evening but while her phone was ringing, nobody was picking it up.

The day of my return to Canada was approaching. I was really looking forward to it as I couldn’t wait to get out of the Dominican Republic, but if I were to leave without my laptop, it would drop the chances of recovery to infinity. I was considering this option and wanted to do everything in my power to make the message I had to say in the Dominican Republic heard. I asked Domingo to take me to popular media outlets in San Pedro and ask them to cover my story. Since economy of the Dominican Republic is vastly dependent on tourism, having a citizen of Canada in distress approaching media after a terrible experience in their own country, they should be more than willing to respond and use their reach to spread my message. It was already after dark, but we sat back in my rental car and drove around San Pedro de Macoris to visit several radio stations to ask them to announce that I am offering $1,000 reward in exchange for recovery of my stolen laptop. My stolen laptop tracking was yielding some results, but the vision of holding it in my hands was still very distant.