Getting on the Dominican Radio Stations

The rumor of a Canadian guy who was robbed spread across San Pedro de Macoris quickly. My story was published in local newspaper and featured on national TV. Domingo lined up three live interviews during prime time hours with three of San Pedro’s top radio stations. I can’t speak any Spanish, but with Domingo by my side I had nothing to worry about. It was weird, but through my misfortune with stolen laptop I ended up getting an opportunity to be on the Dominican Radio.

It was a weekday which meant Domingo had to go to the college in the morning where he works as a teacher. He said he was gonna ask the principal whether he’d release him so he can assist me with interviews on the radio. He was gonna explain to him what exactly is happening with me and why it is important that he goes to the radio stations with me. Unfortunately the college was short staffed for the week so he was only released for one and a half hour. This was enough to get us on two live shows with two different radio stations.

First we went to Jumbo shopping mall in San Pedro where on the second floor is the studio of Radio FM 103 (if I’m not mistaken about the name) and after that we headed to another one the name of which I can’t recall but it’s presumably hosted by the most popular radio host in San Pedro. The guy also took a picture of me and was gonna post it along with my story on his website which is frequented by young locals. He also said he was gonna keep making an announcement that I am offering a $1,000 reward for return of my laptop for a week, three times a day as he host three different live shows each day.

I’ve done my best to give my story exposure in town in hopes that it will reach either the ears of the girl who stole my laptop or a person she may have sold it to. One way or another, I knew she was not gonna get a grand for it if she were to sell it so my offer was more than generous. There was material on that laptop that’s of great value to me so I was able to give financial reward for safe return of it back to my hands – no questions asked.

This was my last full day in the Dominican Republic. I spent my 7 day long vacation trying to recover my stolen laptop. I knew I did all I could and even though I didn’t manage to get my laptop back, the message was out there so I could leave the Dominican Republic with some hope that I may see my laptop one day. Statistically, more than 97% of all stolen laptops are never recovered. Chances of me having luck with it were extremely slim. I’ve tried my best, I’ve sacrificed my vacation to chase for its recovery. I hope it was not all in vain and karma will bring it back to me by some means.

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