2 thoughts on “Pile of Sticky Rice Cake Wrapped in Banana Leaves to Preserve Them Without Storing in a Fridge”

  1. Most of the girls I work with were born and grew up in Laos which is just north of Cambodia. They bring in sticky rice cakes and several other more traditional and cultural foods with them all the time. Can’t say that I’ve ever tried them as plain as that, so I suggest trying them again when you return, or have the chance to try something more flavored there. I believe here, you can buy it from the T&T Supermarkets packaged in bamboo shoots, rather than banana leaves.

    It’s quite interesting to see the photos of them wrapped like that though. I knew from speaking to the girls that they used the leaves, but visuals grab my attention faster XD Great shot. You can even make a pile of bland sticky rice look interesting.

  2. Take a note of that plastic bag in bottom left. They stuffed it with sticky rice cakes and gave it to me.

    Thanks for compliment about my photography. I’m surprised I even remembered how to turn the camera on in that heat. It really is hot in Cambodia year round, but beginning of September, which is when this picture was taken is especially hot and humid. I’ve met several girls from Laos in South East Asia, sadly they all came to Cambodia or Thailand to work as prostitutes.

    I have eventually had an opportunity to eat really tasty sticky rice cakes, but it wasn’t till a bit later, which will be covered in another post. That time the cake was filled with banana. The sweetness of banana balanced out well with bland taste of unflavored rice and made for delicious and filling meal.


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