Departure Day

I had four important things to do before boarding the plane on my departure day:

  • Drop Keys from the Apartment at Manager’s Door
  • Give Lisa Key from my PO Box
  • Stop at TD Canada Trust bank to deposit left over $110 I still had on me and get the receipt with my account number to give to Lisa so she can deposit checks under my name into my account
  • Get a Customs declaration with the serial number of my notebook so I have the proof that I have left the country with this item, in case I get questioned on my way back

It all went smoothly. Despite having crappy start to the day because of lack of sleep, I never forgot to get any of this done and there was no roadblocks on the way to getting any of this done. I was all set to take off. Lisa drove me to the airport and there was still enough time to get comfortably checked in, to check in my luggage and get a boarding pass. Being at the airport starts the travel rush instantly. I love the atmosphere at the airport. Everyone is going somewhere or came from somewhere and everyone seems so “worldly”. I love it.