Why I Don’t Have, Never Had and Never Will Have a Facebook Account

My friend recently told me that she thinks the real reason why I never created a Facebook account even though just about everybody in the world has one, was that just about everybody in the world has a Facebook account. She thought my strong individuality and unwillingness to become a sheep even if it means going head on against the rest of the world was the sole reason for me not to join the sheep. While I can’t deny there’s a pretty solid merit to the assumption, it’s far from complete truth.

Photo: Screenshot Showing How Internet Giant Facebook Defines Itself
Photo: Screenshot Showing How Internet Giant Facebook Defines Itself

I realized the risks of joining Facebook long before its momentum made it the most popular social networking site in the world. People who were members back then were already zombies. They were constantly saying things like:

“Let me take a picture so I can post it on my Facebook.”
“This will be an awesome Facebook update…”

Facebook members seemed to live their lives always thinking of their next update on Facebook. They are only half present, like friends you have invited to your birthday party only to have them spend the whole time on their cell phones texting back and forth with who knows whom. They can’t wait to publish their next update because they fear having actual life would make their half friends on the other side of the line forget about them.

Facebook addicts say that Facebook is like a drug. I say they are just weak and unworthy. Wasting their lives away posting comments in an effort to impress people they haven’t even met is the surest sign of weakness. They are weak because they are afraid to present their real self so they mask their weakness by making their virtual selves a reflection of who they wish they were. Their Facebook updates are a collection of thoughts and ideas they want others to see them as. The good (or so they think) gets exaggerated, the bad (or so they think) gets left out or is only partially presented.

I can easily tell whether the person who left a comment on any of my post is a Facebook user or not. Facebook users are used to twisted reality and facts upset them. When Pied Piper plays, Facebookers follow.

Facebook Screenshot - Having His Mind on Facebook Even When She Poops, This Man Spent His Bathroom Time Thinking of New Update That Would Impress
Facebook Screenshot - Having His Mind on Facebook Even When She Poops, This Man Spent His Bathroom Time Thinking of New Update That Would Impress

Internet power users who don’t have a Facebook account are strong personalities. They are not easy to manipulate and have a brain they’re not afraid to use. They do not need to spend their days reading updates of hundreds of virtual friends to not feel empty.

Facebook and Travelers

I’ve been traveling a lot those past two years and that also means that I frequently meet other travelers. They are physically present in a foreign country, but their mind is on Facebook. Even when they are off line, they always think of their network of Facebook surrogates and plot in their mind what update to astonish them with next. You go with one of them zombies for a beer and they’ll spend that time mentally visualizing the Facebook update about what glass their beer was served in so they can post it on their wall as soon as they make it back home.

The more I meet the travelers with Facebook accounts, the prouder I am to not never have had one. Though I must admit that dumb looks on the faces of Facebook zombies are beyond priceless when they ask me for my Facebook and I tell them that I’ve never had one and never will.

7 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Have, Never Had and Never Will Have a Facebook Account”

  1. This article was awesome! Laughed all the way through it…I too Never had, or Never will have a Facebook Account. My feelings exactly, Diane

  2. I knew there had to be others out there somewhere!! I cant stand headbook either mate. Unfortunately though, independant thinkers like you and I are in the vast minority… which is sad.

    Keep on keeping on brother.

  3. Keep it up buddy awesome thoughts!
    “Fakebook” as I call it…it’s so sad to see how cool peeple in the past became lame and somehow superficial and depress.
    They lost the identity and individuality and self respect in order to some random people like them….
    I too never had a Fakebook acc in my life, and it’s so sad to see how desperate people is to know what I’m up to or who my “real” friends are, or what my relationship status is?
    They are constantly comparing themselves to other people that they don’t even know who they are or what they want in life.
    It’s this the future? Or there it’s no future?
    Fakebook users know a lot about nothing and in order to became more popular the became more and more stupid and that eventually will reflect in your bank acc.
    November 2013 Mark Zuckerberg worth $13.3 Billions dollars, and he is not a nice person and is ugly as F#@%!!!
    And you are struggling to pay rent and bills and making him rich?
    That’s not me. I’m sorry you all….I love my life, pure freedom!
    Best regards!

  4. It’s amazing, I really thought I was the only human being on earth to not have a fb account, maybe I’m not so stupid after all! Of course it’s nearly 2017 now and this post was 2011. I’ll probably never have one either.

  5. I have never been on any “social media” sites in my life. Never been on facepage, tweetybook, twatter, or any of the others. After watching how sheeple become obsessed with that nonsense I knew I ignored the right things. Never had, never will.

  6. I never used facebook, and never will.I am 57, and just use my computer and android for my own entertainment.I watch alot of old TV shows and movies on you tube that are never on tv, and I have ebooks.I have a life, and do not want to be tied to the internet.I can really take it or leave it.-Michelle.

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