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I have recently read an article on MSN Canada which contained the list of top 12 laziest countries in the world. It was a rather unfair article and contained so much crap I couldn’t believe it was published. First of all, the article only judged developed nations (except from Poland) as if laziness did not exist in the third world countries and secondly, it talked about what people do (or more precisely – not do) in their spare time, completely disregarding overall work ethic of people living in listed countries. You can see the top 12 list of laziest countries in the world published by MSN on the link below:

The list ranked following countries as the laziest in the world:

  1. United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Belgium
  4. Turkey
  5. Great Britain
  6. Poland
  7. Mexico
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Portugal
  11. Denmark
  12. Spain

So the list is telling me that my home country of Canada is the second laziest country in the world while the USA is THE laziest. I must ask the same thing again – if we’re talking about the laziest countries in the world, then how come such a limited, small group of countries was sampled? If only European and North American countries were involved, then do not call it “the laziest countries of the world” list. If you do, then make sure Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries are also taken into account.

Secondly – and this is a big one – the article basis their assumptions that the countries are lazy on the following criteria:

  • Calories per day
  • Television viewing
  • Sports aversion
  • Internet usage

What does any of these have to do with laziness? How does per day intake of calories determine which country is lazy and which is not? What do television viewing, aversion to sports or internet usage have to do with being lazy? Yep – a big pile of nothing. What does that mean? It means that this list is a pile of crap and has nothing to do with laziness of any nation listed.

What people do in their spare time, after all the work has been done and they have some time left for themselves has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with laziness. True laziest countries in the world are those that don’t get anything done prior to their time off. True laziest countries of the world don’t see any multinational companies open factories in their countries because those companies know the people there are lazy and quality of workmanship is low. True laziest countries of the world have GDP disproportionate to their population because nobody can be bothered to roll up their sleeves and get anything done. True laziest countries of the world don’t have any real experts because kids are too lazy to study in schools.

Most of the countries listed in the MSN’s list of laziest countries in the world have come with some great inventions in the last two centuries. That’s an undisputed proof that people of these countries are not lazy. Inventor of the internet would not have come from the world’s laziest nation if the country was truly the laziest country in the world, now would he?

Let me say it one more time – how can you judge laziness of a nation based on what people of that country do in their spare time? How is a person who got all their duties taken care of and spends the rest of their day laying belly up lazy? When everything that needs attention is looked after and you’re left with time to spare, you can do anything you want with it and nobody has the right to tell you that you’re lazy. Just because you are a skilled and hard worker who gets everything done to everyone’s satisfaction so you are left with time for yourself, it doesn’t make you lazy. End of story!

Until a real study of world’s laziness is conducted, this list will remain nothing more than a wannabe. To truly judge the laziness of a nation, a study needs to look at people doing jobs and taking care of important tasks. Not at what they do after all those have been taken care of. Once a fair study on laziness is conducted, the USA will not be #1, instead there will be a clear, undisputed winner known to have been the laziest nation for centuries – Cambodia.

7 thoughts on “Laziest Countries in the World List”

  1. I had a sudden burst of energy so I’m responding to this blog. But I’m too lazy to say what I wanted to say.

    Fellow Canuck.

  2. MSN published a lie, if my country Botswana is not in that list then it’s a black lie. We are one of the laziest people in the world.

  3. I have been all over the world and found by far the laziest people are in Panama. The canal and surrounding substantial infrastructure was built by American and French efforts; local employees on the canal make up the entire upper and middle class in the region reaping the benefits of this 100 year old canal. Panama City and surrounding areas are dumps, not because of any resource defeciency but because of their half-assed attitude towards quality work. When something breaks it doesn’t get fixed. I dare say there is a 24 of toilet paper in the entire country either.

  4. Asian countries are well known for using lowly paid substandard slaves to clean their countries or their homes whenever they can afford it. They rarely clean up after themselves. When you see socalled developing countires such as abusive malaysia and singapore employing haughty slaves from indonesia and philipine,
    you would get the idea asian countries have the most laziest people around.

  5. Yes, true, Asians do hire domestic helpers to assist them. However, it is evident that academic performance of Asians as compared to Westerners is much better. This alone can be proved by the numerous studies done that Asians place much more priority on education and working hard than the West does. On top of that, if you go to an Asian country, you would see that people work to much later than those in Western nations simple because of their work ethos and how hard they are willing to work. In Hong Kong, employees are still hard at work at 11pm whereas in France shops close by 6. How can you then say that Asians are the laziest people around? Statistics alone will prove you wrong.

  6. Asians are still the laziest via the fact they don’t work as hard in menial type or labour intensive type of work and usually their standard and quality of work is much lower, even if they were forced to work longer hours. Even more educated asians tend to be more lazy, even if they do work longer hours, they tend to be more abusive and tend to depend on poorly paid slaves to take care of their other menial jobs.. Statistics can be misleading. I am not trying to prove anything. For example, working long hours sitting in front of the computer screen or sitting in comfort in an aircon office is not considered as hard work to me. See how those educated asians misused their maids almost twenty four hours a day and seven days a week! That means no matter how long hours they work in their office, they don’t have to do any job in their household, which many of those educated and lazy asians have a bad habit of leaving to some substandard maids/slaves. If those too many asians have to go to to western countries just to improve their academic performance, that means those asians depend on western technology and western education to improve their asian performance and that is not something to be brag about. See how lazy those guesthouse workers are in cambodia and how filthy most guesthouses are in cambodia and that is another fact that asians are one of the most laziest workers around, whenever there is hard work involved. But those who have to sit at their reception night and day and just answer a few phone calls are also noted to be lazy. At the end of the day quality of work and high standard of work is equivalent to hard work and not any unneccecesary long hours on the workplace which contribute to more backwardness and abuse . What gets me is most asians tend not to bother about other more menial tasks which is equally important in improving our environment that we have to live in.

  7. Furthermore, working hard in anything is nothing to be bragged about if it is solely due to greed for money and not due to enjoying hard work. Excellent work ethics and working hard on any tough job should come naturally and not merely out of greed for money. If one go to Western country, one would see the quality of life is much better without any shabby asian or shabby nonwhite interference.

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