Few Facts About How Dangerous Cambodia Really Is

There is no law in Cambodia, there is no justice in Cambodia. So what is there to stop anyone from killing you? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! If the person you encounter feels like drawing blood, they will because there is nothing to hold them back. And once you’re lying dead in the ditch, life for everyone in Cambodia, including your killer will go without change, without remorse. Unhindered, undeterred and unpunished, the killer will wait around for another opportunity that offers itself.

There is much confusion about how dangerous Cambodia really is so let’s take a look at a few facts. Taking into account that Cambodia is ruled by the world’s most corrupt government, lead by a vicious dictator Hun Sen who has blood of a million people on his hands should in itself provide quite an image of the country. Yet this is not unusual because the history of Cambodia is the history of violence and by looking at a Cambodian crime track record against foreigners, one can clearly see that little has changed in the last few decades.

Being a lawless country, killing someone in Cambodia carries virtually no punishment and since all of the guns used by Khmer Rouge are still in the country, distributed amongst the populace without any control or regulations, why would anyone hold back? Afterall, even those who killed an estimated 2.5 million people escaped the punishment, so what is a couple of murders compared to the genocide?

But than… how is it possible that some people claim that Cambodia is not dangerous?

It’s simple – if you look at it closely, you will notice that nobody has the balls to go as far as claiming straight up that Cambodia is not dangerous. If anyone does, they always include countless “buts” in each sentence that carries the “not dangerous” statement. One must read between the lines to better understand what they mean when they say that “Cambodia is not dangerous, one just needs to exercise common sense”. So let’s take a closer look at what it means:

Cambodia is not dangerous, but don’t wander the streets alone after dusk

Translation: Being a country that’s close to the equator, daylight hours are identical to the nighttime hours virtually year round. By saying that you shouldn’t wander the streets of Cambodia alone after dark means that you should lock yourself up after 6pm because Cambodia is too dangerous during the 50% of the time you spend there.

Cambodia is not dangerous, but don’t carry more than $15 on you at any given time

Translation: It is almost certain that if you stay in Cambodia long enough, sooner or later you will get mugged, but because of incapable police force, muggings are never reported so people just chalk it up as a terrible experience because that’s about all they can do about it in Cambodia. And since you stand such a high chance of getting mugged with zero chance of recovering your possessions, don’t carry anything expensive on you so that the loss is as minimal as possible.

Cambodia is not dangerous, just avoid confrontations with locals at all costs

Translation: Locals carry guns and are not afraid to use them. They will stare you down, laugh straight into your face and otherwise try to provoke you into a self defense mode so they can enjoy taking another foreigner down. The richer a kid, the more provocative they get.

Cambodia is not any more dangerous than, say… New York

Trust me, getting mugged in Cambodia is different from getting robbed in New York. First of all, unlike in Cambodia, 90% of New York residents don’t spend their time looking out for easy victims of crime they could mug. Likewise unlike in New York, 90% of Cambodians are too lazy to go to work to try to help themselves. They rely on someone else to help them which leaves them with too much time on their hands to kill.

If you do get unlucky and get jumped by a robber who tries to move your valuables from your pockets to his in New York, you stand a good chance that he would take the stuff and run away. Muggings in Cambodia are nothing like that. During the course of an ordeal you will be subjected to an endless violence and even if you manage to diplomatically give them all of your possessions without getting hit, before they leave to move on to the next foreigner, they will either shoot you, or in a better case just hit you with the handle of their gun. This is if you do not try to resist in any way.

If you do try to resist, their natural aggression will come out in all of its glory and you will understand why they refer to Cambodia as the culture of violence. Cambodians are accustomed to violence and live being violent every day. Cambodians seek confrontations and will keep provoking you at all times to give themselves a reason to come at you with violence. If they have nothing else to say, they will tell you that you look too white to be in their country and that it offends them. If you respond to it in any way, you will see them come at you with their naturally violent selves. That is what they want.

Cambodia is not dangerous, but…

So here is the answer to all the riddles. 90% of all visitors to Cambodia will do exactly as stated in the points above. They will get picked up by their hotel at the airport, take taxi everywhere they go to minimize contact with and exposure to the locals, have a guide by them at all times or travel as part of an organized group, etc. As such, the chances of encountering a violent crime Cambodia is drenched with is next to zero. It’s not surprising all of those people will say that they have never felt threatened in Cambodia.

Sticking with popular tourist spots that are always full of foreigners and avoiding self reliant transportation options, such as a bicycle, without ever wandering off the beaten track drops chances of a violent attack to near zero even in a country full of criminals like Cambodia. So if all you care about is an artificial experience, then chances are you will not find Cambodia dangerous. That’s what majority of people do and they come and leave without any major problems. And that’s why you hear so many people say that Cambodia is not dangerous. That’s simply because they were smart and didn’t attempt to meet the real Cambodia which is nothing like what they say. The real Cambodia is without doubt, one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

6 thoughts on “Few Facts About How Dangerous Cambodia Really Is”

  1. I noticed that it is a racist and dangerous place. Yes, those brown asians cambodians are very capable of being extremely racists and extremely inconsiderate too, if you appear to be poorer than them. .

  2. Interesting blog and website, well done and thanks. Good luck and more power to your elbow.

    Although the accuracy of reporting of crime is questionable and could perhaps be under reported and possibly very under reported in some countries (and or over reported in some countries?), in this context it may nevertheless perhaps also be worth considering data available via wikipedia which puts the murder rates per 100,000 per year of the following countries (and all the others if you want to look them up) as :

    Cambodia 3.2
    Vietnam 1.9

    Canada 1.81
    United States 5.0
    UK 1.28
    Australia 1.3

    Honduras 77
    El Salvador 69.9
    Jamaica 60
    Guatemala 52
    Venezuela 48
    Colombia 35
    South Africa 34
    Brazil 22
    Mexico 15
    Russia 15

    France 1.31
    China 1.2
    Italy 1.10
    Japan 1.02
    Netherlands 0.93
    Spain 0.90
    Germany 0.86
    Singapore 0.38
    Iceland 0.00
    Monaco 0.0


  3. Cambodia is not only unsafe even to cross a road, but their asian prevalence to rip-off of us poor tourists and their fithy environment and their unscrupulous excessive hiking up of visa fees (while unscrupulously advertising a much lower fees on the internet) had cost the breakdown of my marriage. Furthermore, it is unfair on us poor tourist who have to stick strictly to a small limited budget. They way they try to rip off us poor tourist is too shocking and too disgusting.

  4. Also forgot to mention how rude and unreasonably intrusive those Cambodians generally are(including those immigration personnel) at the airport and furthemore I did not like their type of asian rudeness. (They are not an islamic country but still as bad as an islamic country). It is bad enough that one feel unsafe, it is also horrible when treated like a fool in their third world “paradise”.

    1. turkey dubai;qatar,jordan ,saudia arabia,morroco,tunisia,egypt are moslim countries,(,excepte what happens now in egypt,tunisia after arab manefistations against dictators),
      ,they are very safe countries to visit and to stay,,,you have something against moslims to say that?which moslim countries you visited to juge moslim countries?are you trying to say to tourists not to go to moslim countries?in moslim countries only i found people help tourists without expecting anything in return

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