One thought on “Photo: Would You Give Them a Fish or Teach Them How to Fish?”

  1. Hello to each of you, my name is Aurelius,
    Cambodia, it is a beautiful country situated very well on the Earth with beautiful beaches and landscapes. Fortunately enough the planet gave us more than enough sources of ccomfort and we can choose many otherdestinations and we are not obliged primary by ourselfs neither by others to stay the lenght of time we decided to stay in Cambodia, many times inflicted by the visa duration, but we can simply listen to our heart and can simply leave earlier towards the specific road/destination which gives us a smile deep inside ourselfs, as life is short and happiness will always have priority to frustrations. Unlucky for Cambodians they have ashamefully history which envolved people of their ownkilling other people of their own. Maybe hate was one of the feelings which helped them do all those things and this means there is loads of hate inside. But negligible we cross to the present and we can see that the lucky people left alive they are either fortunate to be so by “luck” or by the status they had, and this is bringing a big question: ” What kind of people do surround you, are theythe minimum smart enough to improove both you and them in a meaningful way or are they just a waste of time…
    Well I would like it to be the first way but it seems that only the types of stupid people who are under your or general standard would try so much, to beg for attention, in different ways, which are not bringing benefits neither to them neither to you. One example is the way they insist to convince you to usethe Westener victim is not shout in an angry way but rather in a dissapointed sad way of having this kind of people as hosts in this country.
    At the end, they deserve their life as they are the commanders of it and let’s think deeper than just taking as granted the explination that corruptors are driving the country, because the corruptors are still cambodians and there is a phrase in the world and it sounds like this : If you want to know how a man really is, put him on the throne.

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