1000 Places

Continent Country Region Place What
Africa Algeria M’Sila Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad Former capital of Hamadid empire, ruins are found within picturesque hills
  Algeria Setif Djémila Contains ruins of Roman Empire architecture, located 900m above sea
  Algeria Ghardaia M’Zab Valley Cool looking fortified city with traditional stone houses from 10th century
  Algeria Illizi and Tamanghasset Tassili n’Ajjer Important pre-historic cave art, 15,000 drawings and carvings from 6,000 BC. The area also contains the Forest of Rock
  Algeria Batna Timgad Ruins of Roman town from 100 AD built by Emperor Trajan
  Algeria Tipasa Tipasa Ancient ruins of a trading town conquered by Rome, on the slopes of Mediterranean Sea
  Benin Province du Zou Royal Palaces of Abomey Palaces of the vanished kingdom of Abomey
  Botswana Ngamiland District Tsodilo One of the highest concentrations of rock art in the world, contains more than 4,500 important archaeological paintings
  Botswana Okavango Delta Moremi Reserve Safari
  Djibouti Tadjoura Lake Assal Saltiest Lake on Land
  Egypt   Pyramids of Giza  
  Ethiopia Afar Lower Valley of the Awash Important palaeontological site where 4 million years old remains were found, place where remains of Lucy were found
  Ethiopia Tigrai Aksum Ancient city of Aksum was once the most powerful state between Roman and Persian Empires, tall obelisks, tombs, royal castle and other ruins can be found there
  Ethiopia Amhara Rock-Hewn Churches, Lalibela Site contains 11 medieval monolithic cave churches in what wasknown as the 13th-century ‘New Jerusalem’ 
  Ethiopia Amhara Fasil Ghebbi Fortress city surrounded by 900 meter stone wall was once a seat of emperor Fasilides
  Ethiopia   Lower Valley of the Omo Remains of Homo Gracilis were found at Lake Turkana, important archeological findings
  Ethiopia Gondar Simien National Park Impressively looking landscape with eroded rock formations, home to some unique animals
  Ghana Asante Asante Traditional Buildings Last remaining structures of once great Asante civilization that reached its peak in the 18th century
  Ghana Volta, Greater Accra, Central and Western Regions Forts and Castles 14th – 18th century fortified trading posts built by the Portuguese
  Ghana Central Region Kakum National Park 330 Meters Long Canopy Walkway
  Senegal Cape Verde Island of Gorée Lies opposite Dakar, this was once the largest slave trading centre in Africa
  Senegal Djoudj River Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary Home to 1,5 Million birds
  Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles  
  Tanzania   Mount Kilimanjaro  
  Tunisia Tunis Carthage Archaeological Site Former great trading empire contains ruins dating to 9th Century BC
  Tunisia Tunis Medina of Tunis Once wealthy Islamic city is full of monuments
  Tunisia El Mahdia Amphitheatre of El Jem 3rd Century Roman Empire amphitheater that could hold 35,000 spectators
  Tunisia Bizerta Ichkeul National Park Last remaining lake of the former North African chain, an important stop for migrating birds on their way south
  Zimbabwe Victoria Falls Devil’s Pool  
Antarctic Region Antarctica Wright Valley Don Juan Pond Saltiest Lake on Earth
  Antarctica Wright Valley Lake Wanda Also Super Salty Lake
  Antarctica Ross Dependency Ross Ice Shelf Largest Ice Shelf in Antarctica
  Antarctica Booth Island Lemaire Channel 11km Long Passage Through Glaciers
Central America Bahamas Long Island Dean’s Blue Hole World’s Deepest Salt Water Blue Hole
  Belize Belize Great Blue Hole  
  Costa Rica Tilaran Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area Contains a Volcano, a Suspense Rope Bridge, etc
  Cuba Trinidad Salto de Javira  
  Dominican Republic Damajagua 27 Waterfalls  
  Mexico Mexico Chichen Itza  
  Mexico Mexico Teotihuacan  
  St. Maarten St. Maarten Maho Beach Airport Beach
  St. Barts St. Barts St. Barts  
Central Asia Armenia Lorri Monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin Two Byzantine monasteries
  Armenia Kotayk Monastery of Geghard Contains a church and tums cut into the rock, located at the entrance to the Azat Valley famous for its towering cliffs
  Armenia Armavir Cathedral  of Echmiatsin Cathedral and Churches of Echmiatsin and the Archaeological Site of Zvartnots represent classical Armenian style church architecture
  Bhutan Paro Tiger’s Nest Monastery Awesome Buddhist temple on the steep cliff
  China Jinshanling Great Wall of China Architecture
  China Henan Shaolin Temple Temple
  China Guangxi River Li Karstic Peaks at Guilin, along the Li river
  China Hunan Wulingyuan Rocky Peaks Tall, Sandstone Pillars
  China Shaanxi Terracota Army at The emperor Qin I’s Mausoleum  
  China Tibet Lake Manasarovar Highest Body of Fresh Water in the World
  China   The Forbidden City  
  Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong  
  India Kerala Thenmala Rope Bridge Crazy Dangerous Bridge
  India Agra Taj Mahal  
  Japan off Tokyo Mount Fuji Highest Mountain in Japan
  Japan Tokushima Prefecture Iya Valley Centuries Old Vine Bridges, Very Remote and Difficult to Reach Area Was Once a Hideout for Bandits and Defeated Warriors
  Maldives Maldives Maldives  
  Nepal Sagarmatha Mount Everest  
  Nepal Ghasa Hanging Bridge One of the Most Dangerous in the World
  Pakistan Borak Lake Hussaini Bridge World’s Most Dangerous Bridge
  Turkmenistan Karakum Desert Darvaza Well Door to Hell
Europe Albania Sarande Butrint Archaeological site contains ruins of Greek, Roman and Byzantine architecture
  Albania Central Albania Berat and Gjirokastra  Ottoman period architecture
  Andorra Encamp Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley Cool landscape with traditional settlements
  Czech Republic Prague Prague Castle  
  Czech Republic Kutna Hora Sedlec Ossuary  
  Finland Valkeala Repovesi Nature Park Water Taxi Route, Rope Suspense Bridge, Timber Rafting Channels
  France Paris The Eiffel Tower  
  France Versailles Versailles Palace  
  France Normandy Mont Saint-Michel Castle on an Island
  France Paris Louvre Museum Most Visited Museum in the World
  France Mont Blanc Massif Aiguille du Midi Impressive viewing Platform in the Mountain
  Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen Aachen Cathedral Chapel from the 8th Century
  Germany Rheinland-Pfalz Speyer Cathedral Built in the 10th century, the cathedral was the burial place of German emperors for over 300 years
  Germany Bavaria Würzburg Residence Beautiful Baroque castle surrounded by nice gardens
  Germany Bavaria Neuschwanstein Castle  
  Gibraltar Gibraltar Rock of Gibraltar  
  Greece Thessaly Meteora Suspended Monasteries
  Greece Mount Athos Mount Athos 20 Orthodox Monasteries
  Greece Zakynthos Navagio Shipwreck Cove
  Greece Athens The Acropolis of Athens  
  Holland Amsterdam Vondelpark Outdoor Park with Film Facilities and Horeca
  Holland Flevoland Schokland Peninsula that once forced people out of there when it got enroached by the sea but then sea subsided allowing reinhabitation
  Iceland Myvatn Dimmu Borgir  
  Iceland Keflavik Blue Lagoon  
  Italy Rome The Roman Colosseum  
  Italy Naples Vesuvius  
  Italy Liguria Cinque Terre Beautiful Coastline Villages on the Cliffs
  Monte Carlo Monte Carlo Monte Carlo Casino  
  Norway Forsand Lysefjorden (Kjeragbolten, Pulpit Rock)  
  Poland Warsaw Warsaw Historical centre was reduced to ruin by Nazi Germany but rebuilt after WWII
  Poland Wieliczka Wieliczka Salt Mine 13th century salt mine contains 300 km of galleries
  Poland Oswiecim Auschwitz Birkenau Nazi concentration camp
  Poland Cracow Cracow Cool downtown historical core contains Europe’s largest marketplace and a cathedral where Polish kings were buried
  Romania Transylvania Bran Castle Dracula’s Castle
  Russia Siberia Lake Baikal World’s oldest (25 – 30 million years old) as well as largest (395 miles wide and more than 5000 feed deep) lake, also home to Baikal Seal – the only exclusively fresh water seal on Earth
  Russia Moscow Red Square  
  Slovakia Bojnice Bojnice  
  Slovakia Poprad High Tatras  
  Slovakia Spis Slovak Paradise  
  Spain Malaga El Caminito del Rey Dangerous Walkway
  Spain Granada Alhambra Nice fortress and the residence of Emirs that once ruled this part of the country
  Spain Barcelona Sagrada Familia  
  Sweden Jukkasjarvi Ice Hotel  
  Switzerland Zermatt Matterhorn Spectacular mountain peak
  Switzerland Appenzellerland Null Stern Hotel Zero Star Hotel
  Switzerland Gadmen Trift Bridge Suspended Walkway Over Trift Glacier
  Turkey Istanbul Hagia Sophia  
  UK Northern Ireland Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge near Ballintoy, County Antrim
  UK Scotland Edinburgh Castle  
  UK Northern Ireland Giant’s Causeway Basalt Columns
  UK Scotland Loch Ness Lake  
  Vatican Vatican Vatican  
Middle East Jordan Jordan Petra  
  Jordan Jordan Rift Valley Dead Sea  
  Syria Ancient City of Aleppo Ancient City of Aleppo Major cross road from 2000 BC is not threatened by overpopulation
  Syria Deraa Ancient City of Bosra Early Christian ruins and 2nd Century Roman theater in this city that was once a capital of Arabia and a major on the ancient caravan route to Mecca
  Syria Homs Palmyra Oasis in the Syrian desert contains ruins of once great city
  Syria Damascus Damascus Great Mosque of the Umayyads in this ancient city – one of the oldest in Middle East – dating to 3000 BC is spectacular as are the rest of the monuments
  UAE Dubai Dubai  
North America Canada Alberta Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Remains of marked trails and aboriginal camps, plains used to be full of bisons
  Canada Newfoundland and Labrador L’Anse aux Meadows 11th century excavation proving arrival of Vikings in the area
  Canada New Brunswick Bay of Fundy  
  Canada Quebec Old Quebec Fortified colonial city
  Canada Banff National Park Moraine Lake  
  Canada Northwest Territories Nahanni National Park Spectacular wild river with deep canyons, high waterfalls and limestone caves
  Canada Ontario Niagara Falls  
  Greenland Greenland Greenland  
  USA New York Statue of Liberty  
  USA Las Vegas Las Vegas Strip  
  USA San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge  
  USA California Redwood Forest  
  USA New Mexico Carlsbad Caverns  
  USA Utah Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park
  USA Arizona Grand Canyon Landscape
  USA Alaska Inside Passage Coastal Route for Ships
  USA Colorado Mesa Verde National Park Contains ancestral Pueblo Indian dwellings and cliff rooms built of stone
  USA Wyoming Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone contains half of all the world’s known geothermal features, and the world’s largest concentration of geysers
Oceania Australia GBR Great Barrier Reef  
  Australia Sydney Sydney Opera House  
  Australia   Uluru  
  Australia Tasmania Tasmania Island  
  Easter Island Easter Island Rapa Nui  
  Hawaii Molokini island Molokini island  
  Palau Eil Malk island Jellyfish Lake Lake full of harmless jellies one can swim and scuba dive in
  Micronesia Truk Lagoon Chuuk Scubadiving Among Wrecks
  New Zealand South Island Milford Sound and the Mitre Peak  
South America Argentina Santa Cruz Lake Argentino Located within Los Glaciares National Park, 160km long Lake Argentino is fed by 3 glaciers massive chinks of which tear off and splash into the lake making thundering noise
  Argentina Santa Cruz Cueva de las Manos Cave of the Hands contains cave art of the human hands by the ancestors of the Patagonian hunters from 13,000 years ago
  Argentina Patagonia Peninsula Valdes Coastal area with exceptional sea mammal life, including sea lions, elephant seals, southern right whale (endangered species), etc. Local Orcas are known for their unique hunting ability.
  Argentina Misiones Iguazu Waterfalls Impressive, semi-circular waterfall on the border between Argentina and Brazil is 80m high and some 2,700m in diameter
  Argentina Misiones Jesuit Missions of the Guaranis Located deep within the tropical forest, the site consists of San Ignacio Mini, Santa Ana, Nuestra Señora de Loreto and Santa Maria Mayor (Argentina) and Ruins of Sao Miguel das Missoes (Brazil)
  Argentina San Juan Ischigualasto National Park Along with adjacent Talampaya Natural Park, these are the places where the most complete dinosaur fossils from the Triassic Period (245-208 million years ago) were found
  Argentina Cordoba Jesuit Block Unique buildings of the Jesuit system experiment from the 17th and 18th centuries
  Argentina Juyuy Quebrada de Humahuaca This valley is home to Camino Inca, an important trading route along the Rio Grande of the High Andes to its confluence with the Rio Leone. Contains the ruins of the pre-Inca and pre-Hispanic civilizations
  Bolivia Oruro Salar de Uyuni  
  Bolivia Yungon El Camino de la Muerte Road of Death
  Brazil Rio de Janeiro Statue of Christ the Redeemer  
  Brazil   Amazon Rainforest  
  Chile Patagonia Torres del Paine National Park with Mountains
  Ecuador Galapagos Galapagos  
  Ecuador Pinchinada City of Quito Capital of Ecuador and best preserved, least altered historical city in Latin America
  Guatemala Peten Tikal Pre Historic Temple, Pyramid
  Guyana   Kaieteur Falls Waterfall
  Peru   Machu Picchu Ruins
  Venezuela Bolivar Angel Falls Waterfall
  Venezuela   Mount Roraima on the Border of Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil
South East Asia Cambodia Siem Reap Angkor Wat Temple
  Indonesia Flores Island Kelimutu Crater Lakes Three Crater Lakes of Different Colors
  Malaysia   Taman Negara National Park Oldest Forest in the World – 130 Million Years Old
  Malaysia   Taman Negara Canopy Walkway Longest Canopy Walkway in the World
  Myanmar Yangon Pagoda of Shwedagon  
  Philippines Bohol Loboc Hanging Bridge One of World’s Most Danerous Canopy Walkways
  Philippines Palawan Puerto Princessa Underground River  
  Vietnam Can Tho Bamboo Bridge near Phung Hiep
  Vietnam Quang Ninh Halong Bay  

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